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Spanish for Argentina

Argentinian spanish is a little bit different to that spoken in other Spanish speaking countries, though if you've learned a different variety of Spanish you'll still likely be understood in Argentina. Rather than referring to Spanish as "Espaņol", most Argentinians use the word, "Castellano" - meaning Castilian, or Spanish derived from the Castile region of Spain.

The main features of Argentinian Spanish that set it apart from other flavours of Spanish are the different accent and the use of the "vos" form instead of "tu" for second-person informal expressions. Of course like in all languages there are different variations of certain words used in different countries.

You're likely to find someone who can speak English in hotels and tourist areas throughout Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires, but English is by no means universally spoken in Argentina. You'll find you have a much better experience on your trip if you can master the basics of Spanish before you go or when you arrive in the country.

Learning Spanish before you go

Information on Spanish courses in Argentina

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